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About Carlee


Hi, there! My name is Carlee Douglas and I am an actor from Fresno, California. Growing up, acting became a significant part of my life. It became a tool for me to process the adversity I had faced. What being an actor means to me is stepping into the light and exposing my vulnerability. Those in my life know that I am the bi-product of Anne Rice and Tim Burton overconsumption, so when I think of stepping into the light, I specifically think of a vampire stepping into the sun. Walking into a ray of sunshine has no consequence for the average person; but a vampire doing it? Not only are you putting yourself in a threatening position, you are at your most vulnerable. Being an actor means being a reflection of the world around you, to see the power and fragility humanity holds. I feel my most free when I am acting, and I hope to never step out of the light. If you're curious about how I transform into other people and want to see what upcoming projects I am in, check out my Linktree or follow me on Instagram! 

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