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Queen Mab | LEAD | Dir. Carlee Douglas 

Attack of the Macro-Plastic Monster |  LEAD | Dir. Alejandro Flores

Premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival


Height: 5'5"

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Carlee Douglas

Special Skills

IPA transcription, Scottish dialect, Romanian dialect, RP (Received Pronunciation)  & Cockney dialect, tap dance, stage combat (hand-to-hand, broadsword, rapier/dagger), beginning ballet, CPR/AED certified

Titus Andronicus | Bassianus/Aemilius | Prague Shakespeare Company | Dir. Kevin Hopkins & Claire Nichols 

Night Night, Roger Roger | Freddie/Vladimir | UCSB |Dir. Julie Fishell

Government Inspector | Postmaster | UCSB |Dir. Michael Bernard

Up Strung Down | Jess | UCSB Amplify | Dir. KC Bueller

Romeo & Juliet | Mercutio | UCSB Naked Shakes | Dir. Irwin Appel

One Month Along | Wife | UCSB Launchpad | Dir. Risa Brainin

Across A Crowded Room | Her | UCSB | Dir. Cecelia Zhang 

Three Women and An Onion | Sammie | UCSB |Dir. Iris Skeen 

Trifles | Mrs. Hale | UCSB | Dir. Anna Coleman

Education & Training

- Prague Shakespeare Company Summer Intensive, 2023: 

  • Dani Bedau (Linklater & Rodenberg), Robert Orr, Matt Davies, Alisdair Hunter, Patrick Bentley, Josh Morrison, Marc Cram

- UC Santa Barbara BFA Acting Program, 2019-2023:

  • Risa Brainin, Shirley Jo Finney, Irwin Appel, Annie Torsiglieri, Michael Bernard, Julie Fishell, Olivia Harris, Tim Payne, Kathleen Wilhoite, Rosalyn Coleman (On-camera acting), Michael Morgan (Link-Later Technique), Nicole Cowans, Daniel Stein (Corporeal Mime), Sayda Trujillo (Tai-Chi), Sean O’Shea

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